About Us

About Us

            So, we set up Skylark Interiors with a very simple aim: to offer the best value, high-quality, beautiful and comfy sofas and armchairs, combined with the best customer service in the industry. That may sound a little earnest perhaps, but that really is pretty much all you need to know about us. Oh and because things have so well in the Maharashtra, we’ve opened in the Mumbai, basing ourselves in the heart of glorious Mumbai but delivering much further afield.

           One key difference between Skylark Interiors and other retailers is this: buying from us is entirely risk free – if, for whatever minuscule, titchy reason you don’t like your sofa, call us within two weeks, and we’ll come straight round and collect it – you lose nothing – we’ll go our separate ways and remain friends.

           We really hope you enjoy the show, and should you choose to buy a Skylark Interiors sofa, thank you very much, and may you enjoy a long and happy life together

What’s the deal?

            Skylark Interiors sells very high quality sofas, the type of sofas that would cost between INR-25,000 and INR-1,00,000 on the high street.

Our sofas cost half that. Why? Simple – we don’t waste lots of money on shops, brochures and expensive marketing campaigns. We focus all our attention and money, into what really counts – your sofas. So it’s the SOFA that you’re buying – not all those other bits that you can’t sit on.

Here are 8 reasons why us…

              Exceptionally well made, stylish and comfy sofas.

              Great value; a fraction of the price of similar high street sofas.

              You are buying what counts – the sofa – not expensive shops and national marketing campaigns.

             Seriously beautiful natural fabrics bought direct from top European mills to keep costs down – and over 50 of them to choose from!

100% free returns*, no quibble, no problem, and we’ll remain chums.

Delivery is free within Mumbai.

Most sofas dismantle for total ease of access.

Because we’re great, we care, and we love you.

             Three important things that make a great sofa:

We believe that that the following three ingredients are the most important things when making our super comfy sofas. But, if you would like to find out more about how your sofa is made, please give us a call on 9768076800

1. Super-tough, mega-strong shall wood frame

Our frames are made from hardwood commercial plywood. This makes them tough and built to last. Lesser made frames may be cheaper but will not last as long. They also come with a 5 year construction warrantee 

2. Super comfy, easy plump cushions.

We use the best cushion fillings money can buy. In effect they are a thick duvet stuffed with white duck feathers, which in turn is wrapped around a piece of top quality squidgy foam. The feathers give that lovely feathery feeling and the foam also feels good, but more importantly “returns” when you stand up, and reduces plumping time. The result is a really comfy cushion that you don’t have to keep on plumping.

3. Beautiful fabrics

We believe there is no room for compromise in this department! So, we’ve gone direct to the best mills in Europe to find you the very finest natural fabrics; Pure Linens and Cotton mixes from Belgium, Velvets from Florentine mills in Italy. The good news for you is that we buy these fabrics direct from the mills, bypassing all middlemen, meaning that you really can enjoy the most luxurious fabrics for refreshingly little (if these fabrics were to come through the fingers of a middleman, they would cost at least twice the price, significantly upping the overall cost of your sofa).

What else?

Most of our sofas dismantle for easy access

The majority of our sofas have loose covers

Zips we only use the best,  This costs us more, yes, but is there anything more annoying in the whole wide world than a broken zip?

Tailoring – a bit like the difference between a cheap suit and a well-made one

Attention to detail – we all knows that if you look after the little things…

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